The Immufood App

The Immufood app puts you in control of your food allergies and sensitivities. No more uncertainty and no more rolling the dice. The app guides you toward a diet that is allergy-conscious and satisfying.

Know what you’re eating, how it will affect you, and how you can adjust your diet to help you feel your best. Immufood helps you leave your allergies, and your anxiety over them, to rest.

Empower your diet. Control your allergies.

What can Immufood do for you? With the Immufood app, you’ll be able to pinpoint your food allergies and sensitivities. No more guess work, just data-driven decision making.

Personalized recipes

Our team of dietitians and chef prepare delicious meals that cater to your food allergies. Our team uploads new recipes every month, so you get monthly updates. This is part of the service with no extra charge

Know your allergies

Keep track of your allergies and understand what triggers them with quick access from your mobile phone always in your pocket.  In addition, know the best food source for each nutrient, such as best protein and fiber, all personalized based on your results.

Chat With a Nutritionist

Chat with an experienced nutritionist to get support and advice based on your results. Our chat consultants are licensed dietitians that specialized in food allergy. This service is free and limited for 3 weeks after getting your results.