In your Google search for the best food intolerance test, you may find mixed customer reviews about their efficacy. While nutrition and medical experts may not turn to a food intolerance test as a first resort, you may still find valuable information from these tests. Simply being able to identify potentially problematic foods may help you start the process of relieving your food intolerance symptoms.

Let’s take a look into the stories of people who may be like you in that they suffer from ambiguous, chronic symptoms. For years and years, these people could not pinpoint the cause of their symptoms until trying out a food intolerance test. We wanted to highlight these customer reviews so that you can reflect on own your situation. If you find similarities, consider purchasing a food intolerance test for yourself. Perhaps you can have the same success that these customers did and find relief of your symptoms!

“I’d wake up in agonizing pain.”

Meet Betty, who had suffered from chronic migraines for over 35 years. These migraines, along with brain fog and fatigue, riddled her life and made her quality of life deteriorate completely. Doctor after doctor, pill after pill, Betty searched for the root of her health problems, only to find ineffective treatments.

It wasn’t until Betty tried a food intolerance test that she understood what was causing her daily suffering. In Betty’s case, her diet had significant effects on her daily well-being. Once eliminating certain trigger foods from her diet, she experienced a new lease on life. According to Betty, she recommends a food intolerance test to “anyone looking to better understand their body, clear up the internal mess, and get rid of unexplained symptoms.”

“I stopped going to the bathroom, I wouldn’t go for three whole days.”

Rebecca suffered from chronic constipation that consumed her life. She quickly become hooked on enemas and suppositories to get through the day. Despite these treatments, she still could not shake the feeling of sluggishness and heaviness in her colon. The enemas, suppositories and fiber pills were all temporary solutions to her lifelong problem.

After years of obsessing over her bowel movements (or lack thereof), Rebecca finally tried a food intolerance test and found she had a few major food sensitivities. Now that her diet is under control, she feels lighter, and her bowel movements occur more frequently. The food intolerance test brought clarity and relief of her symptoms.

“I always ended up red all over, it just didn’t make any sense.”

Ariel is a restaurant owner from Argentina. Food has always been his passion, but little did he know that food was the main cause of his atopic dermatitis. For years, Ariel suffered from embarrassing and painful rashes all over his body.

After countless allergy tests and treatments, Ariel decided to try a food intolerance test. The results of the food intolerance test showed 76 different food sensitivities. According to Ariel, the results were finally “something that I could understand and change.” These results gave Ariel the power to finally take care of his own symptoms and well-being.

It’s Your Call

As you can see from the customer reviews above, a food intolerance test can be an eye-opening tool that brings clarity to your ailments. While you may not necessarily get the same results as these customers, it cannot hurt to try out a food intolerance test, read the results and modify your diet based on those results. Something as simple as changing your diet may be exactly what you need to relieve your symptoms. If you are sick and tired of not knowing what is causing your symptoms, consider a food intolerance test.