Have you Googled your symptoms of gastrointestinal upset, headaches, skin problems and respiratory ailments? If you suffer day after day and week after week with these issues, you may have a food intolerance. Food intolerances are adverse reactions to food, however, they differ greatly from a food allergy. If someone has a food allergy, they have immediate and severe reactions to certain food allergens. Food allergies, like a soy or milk allergy, must be treated immediately by a medical team.

If your symptoms are much less severe (but are still super annoying), consider investigating if you have a food intolerance. In this post, we will discuss how to choose a food sensitivity home test. One important thing to note, however, is that current research shows that food intolerance tests may not be completely accurate. Also, results from a food intolerance test should not replace seeing a Registered Dietitian for a customized nutrition plan. Food intolerance tests provide valuable information and a basis on making dietary changes.

Characteristics of a Good Food Sensitivity Home Test

While food intolerance tests cannot be the only component of a healthy, individualized eating plan, they can be educational. Let’s discuss some things to look for in a good quality food sensitivity home test:

Contact information to a specialist.

If a food intolerance test tells you that the test results are the only thing you need to start relieving your symptoms, be cautious! Since food intolerance testing needs far more research, make sure the testing company at least encourages seeing a doctor and/or Registered Dietitian. These professionals know how to fully utilize your food sensitivity home test results. Don’t sell yourself short!

Lists of foods to which you are intolerant

Make sure the intolerance test you are taking is actually measuring what is intended. A good food intolerance test will provide you an extensive list of problematic foods (if applicable to you). Furthermore, the food intolerance test should differentiate between mild, moderate and severe sensitivities.

Suggestions on how to change your diet

While you cannot expect to receive a highly personalized nutrition plan from a food sensitivity test, the testing company should not leave you high and dry after giving you the results. Make sure the company provides information about how to understand your test results as well as some suggestions about starting to change your diet. As you will see in the Immufood food sensitivity packages, we provide you with personalized recipes and limited access to an online nutrition professional.

The Bottom Line with Food Intolerance Tests

Above all, shop around and do your research to find the best food sensitivity test for you. Not all are created equal. Likewise, keep in mind that a food intolerance test is just a tool to use for better nutrition, but everyone should consult a Registered Dietitian. By having a custom nutrition plan, you will be on your way to reducing (or even eliminating) your annoying, chronic, adverse symptoms to food.