Are you having symptoms like joint pain, fatigue, headache or digestive issues that mysteriously come and go? Or are you not feeling your best and you suspect that it is due to your diet. If so, then there is a chance that you could be facing an undiagnosed food sensitivity. You might never suspect that the seemingly harmless and healthy foods you eat regularly are to blame for your food sensitivity symptoms. Food sensitivity is when food allergens trigger an IgG antibody immune response in the body. This IgG immune response is also known as a delayed immune response because it could take up to 72 hours or longer for symptoms to show. The problem with a delayed food sensitivity immune response is that it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact foods that are causing your symptoms because your symptoms take time to appear and you might not be exactly sure which foods your triggers.

It has been observed that food involved in food sensitivities or food allergies could lead to leaky gut and vice versa. Leaky gut could also be caused by several different things like gluten, stress, pesticides, medications, and so on. Sometimes having a leaky gut could be the cause of your food sensitivity or food allergies because an immune response is triggered due to the food particles that leak through the gut lining.

When foods leak through the intestinal lining and trigger an antibody immune response, a whole cascade of inflammatory signals travel from the digestive tract to anywhere and everywhere in the body leading to a growing number of health issues. Thus, to improve health issues and reduce food sensitivities you need to decrease inflammation. When the body is inflamed or stressed, the body is at risk. Having symptoms of either food sensitivities, food allergies, or leaky gut could not only cause stress but qualifies as a huge stress itself. Thus, to get out of the cycle of stress you need to avoid your trigger foods and this can be done by taking our food sensitivity test to help to you discover the best foods for you.