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What is an IgG Food Allergy?

Food intolerance is actually something we can scientifically measure. A Type-1 IgE food allergy causes a nearly immediate allergic reaction, it’s what could be called a “classic” food allergy. a Type-3 IgG food allergy could be delayed up to three days, making it much harder to identify the cause of the reaction. ImmuFood identifies what foods trigger these reactions in your blood so you can amend your diet accordingly.

We measure up to 270 food proteins to pinpoint your allergic intolerance

How It Works

Testing requires only a couple drops of blood. We’ll ship you our test kits that include everything required for testing, including a prepaid return package. Once we’ve received the sample, we’ll run the testing in our state-of-the-art lab and within 5-7 days you and your client will receive an email with detailed test results and information.

Get Your Personal ImmuFood Page

Once the results are in, your clients can download the ImmuFood app and contact you directly through your ImmuFood page.
You can personalize the way you connect with your clients by uploading any image you choose, as well as any of the contact options and widgets to connect with them (simple ‘click-to-call’, ‘get direct email’, ‘start a chat’ and many more).

Personalized Recipes for Your Clients

Your clients will receive personalized recipes that take into account their food intolerance test results. All of our recipes come with detailed nutritional facts and how its tailored to their health. You can upload recipes to our database and share those recipes with your clients. Our algorithm will do the magic and match the recipes to the clients based on their IgG antibodies results. You get credit for the recipe you upload and join our full database where a click on your recipe links to your site giving your business more exposure!

Stories By Our Customers

We get hundreds of stories by our valued and loyal customers throughout the globe – stating how our test has changed their lives for the better. You can read these stories as well!

Betty Cohen

“The test results not only gave me important answers as to what foods I should avoid, but most importantly what was the underlying cause for my migraines.”

Maya Geler

“Thank you for the key to my wellbeing and the light you shed upon 18 years of suffering. This test changed my life.”

Emma Lloyd

“Now, I rarely have any bloating and have lost a couple pounds which is a plus for me. I feel
great; I feel like I have more energy than I did before.”

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