Why us?
So many reasons to choose Immufood.


  • Our US lab, based in North Carolina, is CLIA certified (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
    of 1988) under the US Federal Regulatory Standards ensuring that your test results are meeting and
    exceeding industry standards for clinical laboratory testing.
  • Our test examines the presence and quantity of IgG antibodies that are produced by your immune
    system and induce inflammation (elevation of IgG levels in your blood) which may indicate delayed
    food allergies.
    Most other test providers use IgA as the marker for measurement…IgA is a weaker activator of the
    immune system making it a lesser indicator of inflammation.
  • The test is a simple finger prick dry blood spot test which you can perform in the comfort of your own
  • In our lab we run your sample through an ELISA test (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) which is a
    commonly accepted, accurate, sensitive, and reliable lab detection method.
  • We are the exclusive US partners of Imupro which is a leading global company with over 20
    years of experience in food sensitivity and allergy test development and diagnostics.
  • Imupro leads the global standard of food related IgG testing in over 55 countries and works in close
    cooperation with a panel of scientific experts from 9 countries
  • The ImuPro concept is based on hundreds of thousands of patient cases and doctor experiences in
    the identification of food intolerances and implementation of the nutritional guidelines for wellness (3
    phase diet: elimination, provocation, rotation)
  • Imupro have participated in several clinical trials and research that support our claims.
  • We have chosen to participate in biannual proficiency testing to ensure our clients a higher level of
    quality and regulation compliance.
  • Our test results are more detailed and comprehensive compared to those of other test providers
  • Ours is a full 360 degree approach, we support your journey to wellness from start to finish!
    Through our mobile app you will have access to recipes that have been tailored to your specific test
    results – with over 600 recipes you will have options and suggestions for every meal!
    You will have direct in-app access to our team of registered dietitians who are available to assist and
    provide you with information and additional nutritional consulting services.